Scope of business
Recon Construction Company Limited. The policy and scope of its business with the management team of experienced engineers and technicians. In order to proceed with construction and control the project correctly. Can get the job outright. Both design and construction, etc. To accommodate the needs of our customers. The scope of business - service. The line is as follows.
- Study the feasibility of the project.
- Scoping work.
- Finance the project.
- Project management.
- Engineering and architectural design. Construction.
Planning the work, time and cost control.
- Supply
- Construction
- Test delivery.
Moreover, to achieve the success of the project, which is based on the needs of the customer. By using modern management. Successfully completed on time. Within budget to the highest quality.
Management policies. Organizational structure.
The Company has structured the organization to suit the current business agility is a major emphasis. Which include.
Business Development.
A line of responsibility in planning, marketing, business development and progress of the study and analyze the market trends continue to be a strategic business plan goals into the company. Stability Stronger in the long run and development benefits. Other business of the Company, including monitoring and building good relationships with Customers virtual one. "Strategic partnership" that should be taken care of the business together.
A line within the care system estimation and preparation of all offers to the bid also cost development budget towards creating results with a reasonable profit to be fair to our customers, shareholders, investors and staff in the business by balancing the system precisely to compete effectively in the market.
The Company's team of architects to design buildings to customer requirements with regard to functionality of the building, coupled with the beautiful and harmony in the landscape. To achieve a unique portfolio of the company to the public, etc.
Corps of Engineers determined that the Company experiences. From different fields. Applied. The Committee is composed of civil engineering. Building design (including system building) structural engineering. Communication and electrical engineering.
Bringing modern tools and management control areas within the company to work quickly, resulting in the design process to achieve accurate, timely, efficient design with technical support, design and engineering. Computer (CAD / CAE), leading to a significant improvement in the side.
1. The accuracy and quality of design.
2. Performance of the design team.
3. The completion of the projects.
4. The amount of raw materials used in the production process.
5. Monitoring the progress of engineering.
Equipment procurement, as well as expedite the delivery schedule and inspection equipment manufacturers, vendors, products and services that meet defined specifications. In addition to sourcing and service delivery to ensure maximum performance. Meet the needs of the project. Service will include the supply line.
1.Configuration for sellers. Vendor selection and product / service. 2.Procurement efficiency. 3. Delivery to the customer on time. 4. Shipping and storage bailee of products. 5. Purchase order and contract management.
Operation of the Company which is to be flexible in order to support its business with the construction of the modern era. Operations will be responsible for the control Administration building, testing and construction management. Success in the construction of all projects of the company. It is based on the method of operation is as follows.
1. Project Manager A/this person with experience as well as those with the ability to link between customers and the company so that the work goes smoothly.
2. Representing the project management team with experience in the construction as well.
3. Create a good atmosphere. Working closely with the team and the customer team.
4. Reduce the delay of construction projects due to changes to structural design. By increasing the speed to liaise closely with the project engineers. For design changes And analyze the feasibility of construction.
5.Planning the appropriate resources (people, equipment) to be treated to meet the time limit.
Control and evaluation
They will be responsible for planning, tracking, monitoring and control activities every step of each project. Including budget control and cash flow. In all projects according to plan. And analyze obstacles. To the implementation of the project successfully as scheduled.
Recon Construction Company Limited. Was formed by the merger of the individual in many professional fields. A shared commitment. [More]
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